Let’s take a minute to discuss to talk about leadership coaching for executives. Most business owners and managers have been exposed to some of the concepts around leadership coaching. That includes the ability to move from being a manager to being a leader

From a Manager to a Leader

A manager is someone who directs people, who points them to a task and holds them accountable to complete it. However, a leader is someone who:

  • Persuades
  • Influences
  • Has willing followers
  • Empathizes more deeply
  • Understands the language and minds of their coworkers

In short, leaders have the ability to make people they work with trust them. The greater employees ability to trust their teammates reduces defenses.

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Leaders Become Coaches

The best part is that leaders in turn become coaches themselves for the people in their company or organization. As you pass on what you have learned in your own leadership coaching, the people you work with will come to:

  • Trust you more
  • Relax their defensiveness
  • Open up
  • Bring more to you

Your team will become better able to become effective leaders under your leadership. This gives executive coaching an especially high return on investment. The managers and supervisors who work with a professional executive and leadership coach can pass on their knowledge and skills to the rest of their team.

Learn More About Executive and Leadership Coaching

Ready to learn more about how executive coaching of leaders can benefit your entire team? Check out this white paper to see real examples of techniques and training that will help you and your coworkers become more cohesive, empathetic, and effective as you work with one another.

David Stanislaw is an organizational development specialist with over 25 years’ experience in leadership and professional development. Through one-on-one executive coaching David helps business owners and leaders develop the tools they need to lead their organizations. Contact us to meet with David to move toward conflict resolution today.