Startup businesses have a unique set of challenges that over time can weaken the passion you have for your business. But, make no mistake, it’s important to keep the fire going to inspire and motivate your employees.

Why is it hard to maintain momentum about your startup?

Startups usually have limited capital and resources. Because of this, you and your employees are often busy wearing many hats while juggling multiple tasks.

The startup environment can be chaotic at times and therefore, is not an easy culture to inspire your employees. There’s also a lot of uncertainty when it comes to startups. Nine out of 10 startups fail and that’s a lot of pressure to contend with. Naturally, you want to be one of the 10% of which succeed.

Evolving trends play a huge part in startup enterprises. While you’re busy tackling ever-changing demands, it can be easy to forget that your team is watching. How you handle the challenges can either inspire your employees or have them delivering lackluster performances.

While the startup culture can be a sink or swim environment, a steady, passionate hand can be a driving factor to inspire your workforce to succeed. As their leader, you have the power to do so.

5 Ways to Motivate and Inspire Your Workforce

  1. Encourage rapports between employees and yourself. Rapports build cohesion within your team. Gallup points out that only 35% of managers engage their employees, while a mere 30% of U.S. workers feel that they’re engaged at work. Improving engagement is the key to forging a successful team. When you’re able to build good working relationships with your employees, they’ll feel more motivated and committed to you and your startup business. And, if you can convey a passion about your business, you’ll transfer that passion to your team. Which leads us to…
  2. Remain passionate about your vision. While you’re busy dealing with the changing dynamics of your startup, it can be easy to lose momentum. But, you must keep your vision alive to stay motivated as well as to motivate your employees. Remember what your goals are and when key dynamics change and threaten your vision, take it on as a challenge. As you overcome obstacles, make it a point to fall in love with your business and your vision all over again. Keep the passion going.
  3. Share your vision and your goals with your employees. Do so in a passionate, optimistic manner that makes them feel happy and excited to be part of something great. It’ll re-energize and reinforce your own commitment to your startup while passing it on to your employees. And, it’ll create a trusting, positive work environment. Nearly 69% of employees cite that they’re more productive at work when they feel trusted.
  4. Feed off the positive. Your ultimate goal is for your employees to have enough self-motivation to deliver top performances. But, as their leader, you have to offer incentives along the way, particularly in the beginning when your business is just starting. Rewards come in many packages. Sure, your employees love a good bonus now and then. But, early in your startup when working capital is limited, there are other things you can do to inspire your employees to greatness. Mentor them and take the time to share your love for your startup. This can bridge a connection with your employees that ultimately leads to trust, respect, and commitment. Show them mutual respect by encouraging a culture where innovative ideas are welcomed. Allow them to have the freedom to bring their own creative ideas into the mix and recognize their efforts. If your startup is in a brick and mortar, have informal sessions with refreshments and timeouts that allow for more personal interactions. Employees appreciate community and this could present an opportunity where you can put your passion for your startup on display.
  5. Create a culture of kindness. As their leader, you’re in the position to inspire your employees in ways you never imagined. Are you a leader who conveys warmth and kindness or are you distant and unapproachable? The positive energy you create within your business can help to bridge a world of trust and commitment within your workforce. Employees respond better to leaders who are more accessible.

If you want to create a work culture where your employees feel inspired, an executive coach can help. Stanislaw Collaborative Transformations can help transform your workforce to one that inspires your team to greatness.

If you find you’re lacking the passion to grow your startup while inspiring your employees, we can develop an executive coaching program to give you the tools you need to fall in love with your business all over again. Contact us today to learn more.

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